Not familiar with vinyl? You are not alone.

Most people are vaguely aware of wraps for advertising on vehicles, although car enthusiasts often turn to vinyl film for truly customized looks from flamboyant to stunning. Vinyl is exceptionally durable with remarkable resistance to scratching, warping, or ripping and tough enough to last for years. Versatility is another clear advantage since wraps can be updated or removed at any time with no curing issues or drying time like paint. How much will you have to pay? The average wrap is similar in price to a quality paint job—with exceptions. For matte or color-shifting looks, vinyl wrapping is significantly less expensive than painting. It also opens the door to finishes and colors the manufacturer would never offer and puts you in the driver’s seat in deciding what panels and how much of the vehicle you cover.

Vinyl wraps are simple to care for with just soap and water, and the sheer resilience of vinyl film acts as the vehicle’s protective coating. Should scuffing ever occur, a simple household “magic eraser” works wonders during the cleaning process. Unlike harsh chemicals that can damage the vinyl, magic erasers have a nitrogen-rich organic base that creates a powerful yet delicate abrasive in its solid state. Occasionally a vinyl panel will sustain a deep scratch or other damage. Here again, that section of film can be removed and replaced in a fraction of the time required to match and repair a paint job. The vinyl film experts at CyberWraps are available with care tips, instructions and support for more extensive repair issues.

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