Frequently Asked Questions

Q – What is a CyberWrap?
A – An easy-to-install, affordable DIY pre-cut premium vinyl kit with video instructions to successfully color a Tesla Cybertruck.

Q – What is included in a CyberWrap kit?
A – CyberWraps include a 13-piece pre-cut premium vinyl kit for the main exterior panels of the Tesla Cybertruck, and includes installation instruction videos.

Q – Are the installation videos for CyberWraps free?
A Yes, all our installation videos are completely free. They provide detailed, step-by-step instructions to ensure a successful installation of your CyberWrap.

Q – How will I know that a CyberWrap will properly fit my Cybertruck?
A – CyberWrap’s thorough design procedure involved precise measurements of the Cybertruck and meticulous testing of panel fit to guarantee that our CyberWrap adheres seamlessly and aligns flawlessly with the stainless steel panels of the Cybertruck.

Q – What finishes do CyberWraps come in?
A – CyberWraps are available in gloss and satin finishes

Q – Why don’t CyberWraps come in a matte finish?
A – CyberWraps offer a satin finish that’s easy to clean and doesn’t show fingerprints, unlike matte finishes, which are harder to clean and show fingerprint and smudges.

Q – What colors are CyberWraps available in?
A – CyberWraps come in multiple standard colors, as well as several special and limited editions.

Q – Is it difficult to install a CyberWrap?
A – With the Cybertruck’s angular design and CyberWraps easy-to-install kits and detailed video instructions, DIY Cybertruck wrapping is a breeze.

Q: Why don’t CyberWraps wrap over the edge of the Cybertruck panels?

A – To ensure longevity and simplify installation, CyberWraps strategically avoid wrapping over the edges of Cybertruck panels. Many of our customers initially opted for wraps that did cover the edges, only to encounter issues with wrap adhesion failure, resulting in costly repairs.

Q – Will a CyberWrap damage my Cybertrucks finish?
A – Not at all. CyberWraps protect your Cybertruck’s finish.

Q – Will CyberWraps fade under the sun?
A – CyberWraps are made with high-quality vinyl and have a UV coating that helps protect against sun damage and fading.

Q – I’m leasing my Cybertruck, can I still apply a CyberWrap?
A – Yes. Lease agreements and warranties remain valid with a CyberWrap.

Q – How long does it take to install a CyberWrap?
A – Installing a CyberWrap can usually be done in under 2 hours.

Q – How often should I clean my CyberWrapped Cybertruck?
A – Feel free to clean your CyberWrapped Cybertruck as frequently as desired. CyberWraps behave similarly to automotive paint. If consistently exposed to dirt, grime, and contaminants without cleaning, especially when exposed to UV light and/or heat, they may eventually degrade.

Q – Can I get CyberWraps in custom colors
A – Custom colored CyberWraps kits can be requested by emailing your request to [email protected].