The Easiest To Install Cybertruck Vinyl Wrap Kit

Eliminate smudges and fingerprints with CyberWraps, the easiest-to-install wrap solution! Unlike other kits that require extensive experience and expensive replacement panels, CyberWraps make installation a breeze. No wrapped edges, no heating or stretching—just an easy install! Our kits are designed for simplicity, ensuring even beginners can achieve professional results. Color your Cybertruck and easily keep it smudge-free with CyberWraps.

cyberwrap color background

Available in a Variety of Colors & Finishes

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Cyberwraps Matte White
Cyberwraps Gloss Carmine Red
Shade Shifting Aura Background

Limited Edition

Satin Shade Shifting Aurora

Cybertruck before image
Cyberwraps Shade Shifting Aura
Cybewraps Custom Flag
Cybewraps Gloss Black
Cyberwraps Shade Shifting Aura
Cyberwraps Gloss Sea Breeze Blue
Cyberwraps Gloss Carmine Red
Cyberwraps Matte White

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